World Cancer Day is a global initiative held every February 4th to raise awareness of the impacts of cancer, improve education to reduce preventable cancer deaths, and ensure equitable access to treatment for all. 

In 2024, Ticketmaster International will be working closely with local charities across the globe in support of World Cancer Day- to raise awareness and encourage our staff, clients, and consumers to join in and get behind the cause. 

Locally, we will be working closely with Canteen Aotearoa. Around 4,200 rangatahi are impacted by cancer every year in Aotearoa. Rangatahi don’t have to face cancer alone. Canteen is a safe space for rangatahi aged 13-24 impacted by their own diagnosis or cancer in their whānau to connect, share the tough stuff, and get a break from cancer.

World Cancer Day is one initiative that unites the entire world to tackle the global cancer epidemic. 


During the month of February & March, we will be running a donation upsell across all events on Ticketmaster New Zealand, with the hope of raising funds for our local cancer charities. Over this period, we will be offering ticket purchasers an option to donate $2.99 alongside their ticket purchase. All proceeds will be going directly to Canteen Aotearoa.

We want to thank everyone who has joined in on our initiative to raise awareness and funds for the global issue of cancer.