In partnership with Spark Arena, Ticketmaster New Zealand announced the successful launch of SafeTix™ for the first time at an arena in New Zealand. SafeTix™ is Ticketmaster’s encrypted digital ticket that incorporates anti-counterfeiting features to your tickets.

On Sunday June 25 fans who attended Spark Arena were the first arena attendees to successfully use the market’s newest technology when entering the venue. 

SafeTix™ works by linking your digital ticket to your Ticketmaster account through an encrypted barcode that automatically refreshes every few seconds. If a ticket is transferred or sold, a new barcode is issued and linked to the recipient’s account. 

This feature prevents resellers from exploiting screenshots or photocopies of tickets to sell them multiple times. SafeTix™ also includes NFC (Near Field Communication) technology that will allow fans to enter venues through a simple “tap and go” experience at venue entrances.

Ticketmaster’s SafeTix™ technology makes digital ticketing even more valuable, enhancing the onsite experience from sale to scan benefitting both the fans and venues. 

“SafeTix will allow fans to arrive with confidence at a venue and know that their tickets are going to be 100% authentic and will help to reduce the amount of ticket fraud that venues are dealing with,” said Anjelica Devoe, General Manager at Ticketmaster New Zealand.

“Spark Arena has taken extra measures to help ensure all venue attendees are going to be protected and enjoy an enhanced fan experience. We are excited to have worked in partnership with the Spark Arena team to bring this new technology to the venue, “said Devoe. 

“Spark Arena is excited to be introducing SafeTix to all its upcoming shows. The introduction of SafeTix is a great step forward in preventing fraud and keeping our patron’s tickets safe, so they can just enjoy the show”, said Mark Gosling. General Manager of Spark Arena. 

SafeTix™ will continue to be introduced across the venues of Ticketmaster clients in New Zealand in the coming months. This will further protect attendees from fake tickets and make it easier than ever to enter a venue. 

To learn more about Ticketmaster’s SafeTix technology, click here, and to read about the global rollout of SafeTix, check out this article from IQ here.